Fingers Leak Their Way to the Heart

published by Ravenna Press in 2017

Now available at Amazon's Kindle and Indigo's Kobo these books:

In the Cocoanut Grove

Meat City

A Doll's Memory

Heaven's Gates

The Double

Dislocation, Stories After the Flood




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 The Missing Wife

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The Itinerant Teacher of the Blind

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"In headaches and in worry, vaguely life leaks away." W.H. Auden

Here is a link to some writers (the living and the dead) who have  provoked my interest at different times.





ill titleThe scripting so far

My poetry has appeared in the Canadian publications: Inkstone, Rampike, White Wall Review, sub-Terrain, and Cabaret Vert, and the American journals: Snow Monkey and Anemone Sidecar. Short fiction has appeared in Quarry, blood + aphorisms, Front & Centre, Canadian Fiction magazine, Broken Pencil, Lichen journal, and Urban Graffiti.

 In 2000, a collection of short fiction entitled Dis Location: Stories After the Flood (now available through Kindle) was published by Gutter Press. The Double, a novel, was published by Gutter in June 2003. Other works include The Sub Way (a collection of poetry and prose published by Book Thug in 2008) and The Skeleton Dance, a novel.

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